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Welcome to Wiki Sours, the SomethingAwful Political Cartoons wiki.

This wiki exists as a companion site to the Political Cartoons thread on SomethingAwful, the 2020 incarnation of which can be found here.

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Cartoonist index

Eric Allie: Amazing art and skill used to depict shitty right-wing drivel. Fairly young, and has also been doing the art for Prickly City, a right-wing newspaper cartoon by Scott Stantis. In 2015, he has basically stopped all national cartoons in order to whine about Illinois Speaker of the State House, Michael Madigan. Willfully dense.

Chuck Asay: Retired, but not forgotten, Asay had a charming and cute style that conveyed horrifying opinions, especially about poor people and gays. Was especially fond of the "it used to be/ but now it's" style, such as when he mocked Scandinavians for no longer being fierce warriors and instead getting killed by Anders Breivik.

Don Asmussen: The cartoonist behind Bad Reporter, a feature that usually consists of three gag headlines from recent events. Once upon a time it was actually hand drawn, but nowadays it's a series of decent photoshops. Regardless, it manages to routinely bring in solid jokes and Asmussen tends to be one of the more beloved cartoonists in this thread. It's worth noting that Asmussen is more politically themed gag strip than anything trying to make a serious point. However, when Asmussen does get partisan, he leans to the left.

Pat Bagley: Very liberal former-mormon who is merciless in his criticism of the Church of Latter Day Saints, the GOP, and conservatives in general. Local Hero.

Nate Beeler: Conservative, heavily influenced by Mike Ramirez. Every great once in a while has Correct Opinions, mostly on social issues. During the 2012 elections, was critical of the GOP, but seems to be settling back into being a shithead.

Darrin Bell: Moderately liberal cartoonist that really knocks it out of the park when he tries, but has a tendency to put out more middling stuff. Does the cartoon Candorville, which is also fairly political at times.

Steve Bell: Highly praised cartoonist from the UK. Has fantastic art and solid opinions, but like many long-time British cartoonists, it can be hard to understand his cartoons if you haven’t been following him. Has a painterly style with excellent caricatures.

Clay Bennett: Previously seen as one of the most well-respected, decorated, and acclaimed liberal political cartoonists, but the quality of his output has dropped off during the Trump administration. He has an amazing talent for simple, clear visual metaphors, but these days he too often falls into tepid burns on Trump.

Lisa Benson: Bland conservative opinions. Tries to be upsetting, but is mostly boring.

Paul Berge: Does LGBT cartoons for an LGBT syndicate. Nothing ground-shaking, but he consistently puts out decent cartoons with cute punchlines.

Chip BoK: Conservative with fairly poor and ugly artwork, ranging from moderate to extreme. Has no idea how net neutrality works.

Ruben Bolling: Well-respected liberal and thread favorite, publishes "Tom the Dancing Bug,” "Lucky Ducky," and “Donald and John”. Known for doing longform cartoons instead of one panel stuff.

Matt Bors:A protégé of Ted Rall who has come into his own in the last few years. Very liberal. 2012 Herblock Prize winner. Editor of the Nib, a collective of political cartoonists that was previously under Medium but now seems to be its own thing (but is still hosted on Medium…the internet is weird).

AF Branco: Hateful, stupid conservative. Draws people with one-tooth/Hitler-mustaches, although seems to have stopped this in recent years. A shill for a number of corporate interests like front groups for oil companies. "Winner" of our sixty-four person bracket for "worst cartoonist."

Clovis Brown: Bright, talented Jamaican cartoonist brought to us by forums poster KillerJunglist]. His opinions closely follow those of Jamaica at large--generally liberal, with the exception of some stomach-churning homophobia.

Chris Britt: Hit-or-miss liberal with a penchant for goofy faces. In 2014 a Pennsylvania police union was angry over one of his cartoons and demanded a full-page apology from the paper, while telling Britt to go to hell. Britt basically told them to fuck off. Creator News Service

Daryl Cagle: Owner of one of the largest cartooning syndicates. Liberal, given to truth-in-the-middle bullshit, vulgar imagery, simple caricatures, and copy/pasting. SWEN

Cam Cardow: Canadian, milquetoast conservative.

Ken Catalino: Conservative who hasn't actually drawn anything new in 10 years.

Patrick Chappatte: Internationally focused, vaguely liberal.

Henry Christensen: An right-wing shitlord that possesses no artistic talent, so he just uses clipart or whatever he can scrounge up on Google. Then he puts it against a white background and throws in whatever bigoted bullshit he fancies. Has a tendency to include a lot of annotations in his single-panel cartoon against a white-background, making him an even lower-effort Mallard Fillmore.

John Cole: Liberal, with the occasional outlier bad opinion. Has a very cartoony style and is known for a few stand-out cartoons.

JD Crowe: Conservative Democrat with very little to say.

Jeff Danziger: Liberal, occasionally bold and to-the-point.

John Darkow: Liberal, has a lively cartoony style and only works in black & white.

Bill Day: Liberal that lost his job in 2009, and he heavily copy-pasted his old cartoons and jokes as a result. In 2012 Daryl Cagle successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay Day’s salary in 2013. Day responded to this by plagiarizing someone’s stuff from DeviantArt, which he made a whiny half-apology over. To nobody’s surprise, Cagle didn’t bother trying to raise funds for Day again.

Deep Hurting (See: Terrence Nowicki, Jr.)

David Dees: Certifiably paranoid and delusional Photoshop artist, he believes every conspiracy ever (except angels or that Al Qaeda conspired to take down WTC). He moved to Sweden after he became convinced Mossad was trying to steal his bicycle. Loves his cats; hates the Jews. Missed his calling doing album art for metal bands. Hated Trump throughout 2015, only to randomly fall in love with him in 2016. Worked for Sesame Street and Disney. Formerly. For some reason, Sesame Street and Walt Disney decided to sever their relationship with him.

Sean Delonas: Asshole who draws everyone as incredibly fat monsters regardless of how they actually look. Also has a tendency to draw people he particularly hates with hook noses. In 2009, drew a cartoon depicting Obama as a chimp, inciting outrage. His previous employer, the “New York Post,” had no problem with his bullshit, but eventually bought out his contract in 2013 regardless. He took a break in 2014 and 2015 to work on a book collecting his work, and returned to regular cartooning in 2016 to everyone’s dismay.

Toby Dials: Talentless, clueless, and hopeless conservative that doesn’t know how bongs work. Stopped cartooning in 2014 after Obama broke his tender spirit, but he claims he’ll take up the pen again when the term ends. We shall see.

Dry Bones (See: Yaakov Kirschen)

Tim Eagan: Liberal with a talent for fun visuals. Only does one cartoon a week.

Bob Englehart: Old, moderate liberal.

Randal Enos: aka E N O S. Stylish liberal, often works with linocuts. Prolific artist that has been featured in many publications, from the Times to Playboy.

first dog on the moon (see: Andrew Marlton)

David Fitzsimmons: Smug-as-fuck liberal with a scratchy, messy style. Occasionally has a bad or poorly thought-out opinion.

Adam Ford: Fundamentalist, evangelical Christian. His cartoons were originally the Oatmeal except from the lens of a hard right-wing fundie. Nowadays he’s trying his own style which is very simple and bland. Despite this, he not only makes a living off Patreon, but he is one of the most successful webcomics on there.

Galatianman (see: Lance Rengel)

Ed Gamble: Conservative with perhaps the worst color palette ever.

Ben Garrison: Originally billed as a libertarian, Garrison went all-in pandering to the alt-right during Trump's election. His cartoons are cluttered, overly labeled messes that portray his enemies as effeminate men and bitchy women and Donald Trump as a buff Adonis. He buys into every Deep State conspiracy theory and fills his work with antisemitic dogwhistles. Probably a closet furry.

Bob Gorrell: Lazy.

Ross Gosse: Undisputed champion of the huge unnecessary label. Obsessed with the minutia of small-town North Carolina politics, despite not being employed by a local paper. Vaguely conservative when he actually bothers to comment on national politics.

Dave Granlund: "A Thing Happened" dot cartoonist. Skin-deep, milquetoast liberal. If you're offended, you're probably reading way too much into it.

Steve Greenberg: California Democrat. Jewish, fiercely supports Israel.

Tim Hartman: Milquetoast conservative, indulges in DASGDC. Apparently an actor as well.

Joe Heller: Moderate liberal.

Henri (see: Henrique Monteiro)

Henry (see: Henry Christensen)

Jerry Holbert: A pretty bland conservative that only has only really gained any attention on account of how easy it is to edit his donkeys into creepy skull creatures. It's also worth noting that this is a very tired meme and you'll have to do more than just edit the donkey head if you want a positive response out of people.

Hope n’ Change Cartoons (See: Stilton Jarlsberg)

David Horsey: Extremely talented and left-wing, he nonetheless has hang-ups regarding Arabs and Muslims (although he recognizes that Palestinians are people) and has a tendency to sexualize women (although he seems to be getting better about that last part).

Isaiah: Draws the nonsensical "the world today just nuts" comics, which might look like something an eight-year-old exposed to excessive amounts of Freep would draw, but is actually from an adult human being. Overly relishes in calling Obama gay and having him in suggestive positions. Seems to have stopped drawing “cartoons” in favor of rambling retrospectives on his older work.

Stilton Jarlsberg: A pile of compost that pretends it’s human, Jarlsberg does Hope n’ Change Cartoons, a comic that is pretty much just photos of politicians or clip with word balloons. Rather than actually criticize Obama for his politics or bring up any salient points, Jarlsberg relies heavily on calling Obama a gay. He does, on occasion, come up with the clever pun, but this is offset by his recent creepy lust for stock photo models. Did I mention this man worked on children’s television shows?

Taylor Jones: Primarily a caricature artist, he occasionally dips his toes in commentary, generally with a liberal bent. His caricatures often run alongside a story chosen by his paper, in place of photos, so commentary is not often required. Has a strange cicada fetish.

Lee Judge: Liberal that utilizes cute if samey facial expressions to deliver punchlines.

Kevin Kallaugher (KAL): Economically libertarian-leaning, liberal on most other topics. As the cartoonist for the Economist his opinions track closely with the British magazine's editorial stance. An industry veteran that actually knows how to crosshatch.

Mike Keefe: Milquetoast liberal, fairly unremarkable.

Steve Kelley: Conservative, occasionally agreeable, but more often a jerk. Old-fashioned. He writes the conservative comic strip "Dustin" which is illustrated by liberal Jeff Parker. See the Comic Strip Megathread in BSS. Creators Syndicate

Stan Kelly: Alter-ego of Ward Sutton, Kelly is the cartoonist for The Onion. He plays the role of the aggrieved everyman who sees common sense, but reading between the lines one sees he is a miserable curmudgeon who drove away his family with his alcoholism and bigotry.

Yaakov Kirschen: Extremely old, extremely hateful American-born Israeli. He has been steadily employed for over 40 years, doing Dry Bones for the Jerusalem Post despite failing to surpass an eight-year-old’s talent. Hates Muslims with a fierce passion. He was obsessed with freeing the Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard, whom was finally freed in 2015. Spends most of the year hocking his shitty Haggadah and (no joke) art lessons.

Carlos Latuff: Popular cartoonist that is as talented as is he left-wing. Can be polarizing due to his perpetual distaste for America and sometimes questionable jabs against Israel, but is considered to be one of the most prodigious political cartoonists due to the popularity of his art on protest signs. As a result, his work can be found in oppressed nations all over. Drew SSJ Goku assfucking Chilean president Sebastián Piñera. Tends to do a lot of weird drawings about threesomes.

Mike Lester: Racist, conservative, stupid, hateful old man. Was arrested several years ago for domestic abuse, although his wife now denies that he assaulted her, contrary to the police report. Drew the "Be Cool about Fire Safety" lightning bug from the 90's. Has been drawing Obama with a rainbow tie since 2012.

Eric Lewis: Responsible for Animal Nuz, a cartoon featuring clever animal puns and Democratic talking points galore. A massive cheerleader for the Democratic Party with a deep belief they will always win. Also, for some god-awful reason, each panel is posted individually in massive resolution. Has not made a cartoon since March ’16, and with Trump’s victory his spirit may have finally been broken.

Joe Liccar: Hideously bad art; moderately conservative. Well below average. Father of Goombama.

Loujie: Official political cartoonist for China Daily, an English-language newspaper run by the Communist Party of China. Presents the official Chinese government's opinion on a range of issues. Very talented, for a state propagandist.

Yogi Love: Right-wing cartoonist with a clean, cartoony style. Has all the asshole opinions of the American right. Seemingly stopped cartooning in 2015, but has returned.

Mike Luckovich: Long-time liberal cartoonist with a signature scratchy style. Responsible for Pants Donkey. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mac (See Stanley McMurtry)

Mad Whitey (See Eric Semelroth or about half the cartoonists listed here)

Andre Marlton: Draws first dog on the moon, a weird Australian political cartoon with very minimalist art (or lazy, depending on how nice you want to be) and a whole lot of words. On the whole though, it's a fairly inoffensive lefty cartoon that does call out the Australian government on its bullshit. Won a Walkley Award.

RJ Matson: Prodigious liberal, with a tendency towards overlabeling.

Gary McCoy: Idiotic, no-talent knuckle-dragging conservative. Misogynistic, racist, homophobic liar, given to physically threatening his critics, fan of giant pickles and lottery tickets. He and his younger brother Glenn often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects such as “Despicable Me” with brother Glenn. Changed his art style in 2016 to something slightly more palatable.

Glenn McCoy: Every bit as evil as his older brother Gary, except Glenn also possesses talent, tact, and a sense of humor and timing. Unlike his brother, he has numerous awards to his name. Much more private than Gary, he does not give out his address and invite people to go one-on-one with him. He and his older brother Gary often work together on greeting cards, their syndicated comic strip "The Duplex," and miscellaneous other art projects. Glenn and Gary have both done character design and storyboards for major animated features such as "Despicable Me." Retired in 2018.

Rick McKee: Conservative with some talent. Previously fairly unremarkable, he has actually been growing more right-wing and offensive over the last year. Unlike just about every other cartoonist in this thread, I cannot think of one cartoon of his that was agreeable.

Stanley McMurtry: Veteran British cartoonist that goes by the penname Mac. Unlike his contemporaries, his style is much more simplistic, like something you’d see in the New Yorker. Conservative, old white man with all the bad opinions you’d expect, frequently getting in hot water over racist caricatures. Prefers to go for cute jokes over more substantial takes on the day’s headlines.

Henrique Monteiro: Portuguese cartoonist with a penchant for strong caricatures. Was lovingly translated, photoshopped into English, and explained by forums user KoldPT, but hasn’t done so in a while.

Chris Muir: A racist MRA who cannot draw. Creator of Day by Day, a comic consisting of photoshopping over googled porn and background images. Lives by himself and has based at least one character in his webcomic on a neighbor…a character who is depicted nude almost every other cartoon. His vile opinions, coupled with daily updates that were increasingly NSFW, caused his cartoon to be banned from the thread. This entry is for posterity purposes.

Terrence Nowicki, Jr. – A goon that goes by the handle Deep Hurting, he originally drew some cartoons for SA. He only puts out one cartoon a month, but they tend to be clever with colorful and detailed art. Very left, and was not pleased with Democrats in 2016 to put it mildly.

Jack Ohman: The youngest cartoonist to be syndicated at the tender age of 19, and one of the older active cartoonists here with his career beginning in the early 80s. Has a variety of awards and seems like a generally nice, philanthropic guy. Somehow manages to make fairly expressive faces on tiny heads.

Henry Payne: One of the more boring working cartoonists, he can always be counted on to deliver the right-wing talking point of the day. His favorite composition is drawing a large car with ironic bumper stickers. He is also very fond of the argument that global warming can't be real because it's snowing.

Mike Peters: Milquetoast liberal. Also draws the syndicated comic strip Mother Goose & Grimm. See the Comic Strip Thread in BSS.

Pigman: Men's Rights Advocate and atheist. Massive misogynist, and was fairly liberal on other issues (when he rarely mentioned them). In this bizarre and horrible webcomic, self-insert character Pigman beats people (usually women) with a rubber chicken while spouting MRA talking points. In 2016, finally dropped all pretenses and backed Trump like a good little conservative. His output has dwindled to one cartoon a year, preferring rambling newsposts.

Bruce Plante: Goofy Democratic cheerleader. His elephants are pink, for some reason. Enjoys putting his opponents in tiny hats.

David Pope: Award-winning Australian cartoonist, generally praised in the thread for his excellent artwork and strong use of visual metaphor. Also popular for his inventive caricatures of politicians, the most famous of which being a short, speedo-clad Tony Abbott.

Milt Priggee: Far left and intentionally offensive. Very hit-or-miss, he is nonetheless unafraid of cutting straight to the heart of an issue. Takes pride in having cartoons rejected by editors.

Ted Rall: Far left shithead; wart survivor. Utterly incompetent artist and writer whose work resembles bad Simpsons fanart. Desperately needs to be the center of attention, he envisions himself as the leader of a socialist revolution. Hates art Spiegelman and sees him as some kind of Cartoon Kingpin keeping people out of the business. Comics were removed from the Daily KOS because they found his Obama caricature to be racist. The LA Times dropped after Rall supposedly lied about a rather mild encounter with LAPD in 2001. Now employed by Russian state media, which causes people to be suspicious of his cartoons even when he seems to make a valid point.

Michael Ramirez: Republican to the bone, and one of the biggest names in the business. Obsessed with drawing and endlessly crosshatching gigantic inanimate objects and labeling them DEBT. He is a two-time Pulizter Prize winner, to just about everyone's amazement. Drew Obama as a unrecognizable worm, and rarely ever draws Trump. Petty, trivial, and dumb, he will never respond with anything but GOP platitudes.

Red Panels – See Stonetoss

Lance Rengel: Evangelical pastor and creator of Galatianman. It’s a political, religiously-charged comic with a plot that moves at a glacial pace (as of 2017, current arc started with the Giffords shooting). He did a few touching comics about vilerat’s death…only to rant about Benghazi like every other asshole. His comics are hateful, frequently nonsensical pieces of poorly-drawn, copy-pasted dreck.

Rob Rogers: Pittsburgh-based liberal with a distinctive style, and focus on local issues. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

JRRose!: A goofy conservative that is fond of dad jokes and spells puns. Enjoys explaining the jokes in his cartoons. He frequently comments on Virginia local women's basketball and draws puzzles and cartoons for children. Will remind you of his conservativism with a shitty cartoon every so often. He is also the current artist of the the syndicated comic strip Barney Google and Snuffy Smith.

David Rowe: Australian cartoonist, although his style is the kind of detailed, grotesqueries you’d see from the British. Liberal, enjoying covering issues from other English-speaking countries. Stanley Award winner.

Martin Rowson: Excellent, liberal cartoonist from the UK. His artwork shows tremendous talent, drawing incredibly ugly landscapes full of grotesque caricatures. He employs a lot of invented visual shorthand which can make his cartoons hard to decipher on occasion, but they are scathing works critical of his government that reward long-time readers.

Ben Sargent: Liberal, with the occasional outstanding comic. Retired from the “Austin American-Statesman” in 2009. Actually knows how to crosshatch.

Eric Semelroth: Liberal cartoonist with fairly basic artwork and jokes to match. Was hardly acknowledged in this thread until 2014, when he began to put out nothing but “Mad Whitey” cartoons. Despite being almost the same cartoon (a copy-paste of an angry white guy with the background being whatever issue de jour is upsetting conservatives), they are put out infrequently enough to remain a thread favorite.

Rob Smith, Jr.: Was a cartoonist for, which really ought to tell you everything you need to know about him. Has not done any work for the site since 2015, likely because of Beck’s refusal to support Trump.

Snafu Cartoons - (See Bill Trantham)

Jen Sorensen: Liberal cartoonist who started her career relatively recently back in 1998. She had a cartoony style with neat, simple caricatures, and she's known for using the same generic character as a stand-in for just about any cranky white guy. One of the younger cartoonists here, and got a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 2013. Winner of the 2014 Herblock Prize, and the first woman to be a recipient.

Scott Stantis: Conservative, although left-leaning on issues such as torture and spying (even during the Bush administration). Has done an about-face on issues like gay marriage and Iraq. Creator of the syndicated political comic strip Prickly City, he has contracted Eric Allie to draw it for him for the last several years. It’s also shitty. Didn’t want to support Clinton nor Trump in the election, hilariously backing Gary Johnson instead.

Tom Stiglich: Boring, centrist conservative with mediocre art. Every often will dip into Gorrell efforts of lazy.

Stonetoss: Literal Nazi propagandist. Will alternate between obviously awful cartoons and apparently innocuous ones that have dark messages hidden beneath the surface.

Mark Streeter: "WHIL= He HΔS a GooD STYLE and oPINIONS, STR==T=R's LETERiNG iS ΔNNoYiNG To a FE\/\/ oF the REGULΔRS HER=." Xylo has personally asked him to write neater and he has refused. Seriously Streeter, an "A" is not a triangle. Jesus. He also does some of the most accurate caricatures of any political cartoonist.

Ward Sutton: The real name of Stan Kelly, Sutton only occasionally writes sincere cartoons as himself, but they are usually quite good. Pretty liberal.

Ann Telnaes

This Modern World (See: Tom Tomorrow)

Bruce Tinsley: Conservative alcoholic author of Mallard Fillmore. He (along with Stantis’s Prickly City) among those featured here in that his political cartoon is syndicated on the funny pages in almost every newspaper in America, between Garfield and Wizard of Id. Because of this, he has to submit his cartoons two weeks in advance and doesn’t bother to try and make sure his commentary will still be relevant by the time people read it. Attacks and viciously libels his personal enemies with his comics, such as calling Jon Stewart a pedophile and insulting the judge who gave Tinsley a DUI.

Tom Toles: Talented and witty liberal that possesses an inhuman loathing for the DC Metro.

Tom Tomorrow: The pen name of Dan Perkins, who is behind the comic This Modern World. Very liberal, Tomorrow has been a fixture of many alt publications for over two decades now. The art style, which looks like a bunch of generic 50s era artwork, was intentionally done by using clip and magazine cutouts to create the strips. While the art style kinda lost its impact over the years, especially now that it's all hand-drawn, TMW still can provide some fairly biting commentary every now and then.

Rob Tornoe: Bland artistically, he is the cartoonist for Media Matters and thus quite liberal. Initially defended Joe Paterno, but when evidence came to light, he admitted his error and corrected it. Admirable. Output has slowed, but regularly draws “Tailgaters” a sort of political cartoon for sports.

Bill Trantham: Draws Snafu Cartoons, which are just racist political cartoons drawn terribly. The gimmick is that Trantham allows people to pay him to draw a cartoon, so you get a lot of crazy right-wing talking points…or a drawing of Pants Donkey.

Marty Two Bulls: Native American cartoonist that, unsurprisingly, covers a lot of Native American issues. Universally praised in this thread, he has excellent artwork that's notable for properly using crosshatching to shade and add depth his cartoons rather than draw messy boats and trains. No other cartoonist in this thread really touches on the problems that natives face in the USA, and Two Bulls shoots unapologetic criticism at both parties (and the nation as a whole) for ignoring them. On other issues, he is pretty left-leaning although lately prone to some old man opinions like ranting about modern gizmos.

Eli Valley: Left wing Jewish cartoonist who mostly draws cartoons relating to Jewish identity. Draws a lot about Israeli politics and is very critical of modern Zionism. One of the only cartoonists to make real jokes, with an art style that's both beautiful and horrifying.

Arend Van Dam: Left-leaning Dutch cartoonist with mediocre artwork.

Gary Varvel: Originally a bland conservative, has become something of a regular by doubling down on the asshole opinions. Seems inspired by Ramirez, which is…troubling.

Terry Wise: Very conservative. Very strange art style, very strange business model, very strange old man. Emphasis on “old,” as his cartoons are increasingly of the “yells at cloud” variety. Author of Ratland. Sincerely believes in the loving act of beating your children.

Monte Wolverton: Liberal and son of famous cartoonist Basil Wolverton. Loooves death.

the world today just nuts (See Isaiah)

Matt Wuerker: 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner and liberal cartoonist for

Adam Zyglis: Talented liberal cartoonist who has recently expanded into color. There's something refreshingly honest to his cartoons, in my opinion.