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AGC: Shorthand for "A Good Cartoon." Basically, you intentionally interpret a comic with a fairly obvious bad message as having a good message. The original point of this was to poke fun at some of the really poor metaphors that some cartoonists were crafting, but the concept of AGC has been run into the ground. If you want to see some quality ones, Saint Sputnik has a blog dedicated to these.

Benghazi: While I think everyone is familiar with the Benghazi attacks, newer users might be unaware that one of the victims was Sean "vilerat" Smith, who was a long-time member and moderator of D&D. Seeing cartoonists use the death of a sincerely missed member of the community as a desperate attempt to smear Obama has made Benghazi a rather sore issue for everyone in this thread.

Can't Handle: The thread is known for getting into spats over ridiculous subjects. However, this phrase was used waaaaay too much, and you're not being witty by yelling "Can't Handle!" when people arguing over actual political stuff as opposed to goofy shit like weathervanes. Yes, we have actually argued over weathervanes.

DASGC: Stands for "Dumb and so Goddamn Crazy." A cartoon that portrays the opposing side as spastic, ignorant children, and their own side as patient, knowledgeable adults. Based on a Shmorky cartoon.

Don't Be Willfully Dense: A line from cartoonist Eric Allie when someone pointed out how stupid his cartoon was. Has become a thread motto of sorts to not be an idiot when interpreting the message of any given cartoon.

Gerald: A name given to a stock character used in many conservative cartoons. Typically a standard middle-aged white guy with glasses and little hair. Exists only to wryly point out how bad and dumb the strawman of the day is.

The Gay Abortions: Our annual awards for the worst cartoons of the year (and the best edits or parodies). Named after a hilarious parody cartoon, you should try to keep the really awful cartoons that crop up this year in the back of your mind so you'll have nominees ready by next December.

It's a Powerful Symbol: Phrase made popular during the short-lived Kelly commentaries. When describing the crying Statue of Liberty, Kelly said "it's a powerful don't want to overuse it" when of course the joke is that Liberty is in nearly every Kelly cartoon. Used sarcastically for overused symbolism, especially Liberty but can be anything such as bald eagles or uncle sam.

Nonsense...This Is An Election Year: This phrase comes from a cartoon that was the subject of an Onion article mocking nonsensical political cartoons. Sometimes a person may post this phrase in response to a political cartoon, and that's basically a way of saying "this makes no fucking sense."

Pants Donkey: The nickname for a donkey from an old Mike Luckovich cartoon, and is essentially the mascot of the thread at this point. We have no idea why.

PBF: The Perry Bible Fellowship was a webcomic that people frequently over-analyzed, so much to the point that to "PBF" something is to dig way deeper than you were supposed to for a cartoon's meaning.

Skull Donkey: Several cartoonists, including Lisa Benson and Jerry Holbert, draw donkeys in such a way that it's easy to edit their snouts into cartoonish skulls. The golden age of skull edits is long over, but it's still a fun game. An example:

Skull Donkey1.jpg


Skull Donkey2.jpg

Wormbama: It was common for Michael Ramirez to draw former President Obama with a weird squished face that resembled a worm. The thread game up with this nickname for the phenomenon.

You Gotta Give Me the Fangs: Another joke from the brief Kelly video series, it references Kelly begging his editor to keep fangs on a Chinese person. Used to describe when a cartoonist is being especially racist with their caricature.

Zionism: Okay, not really unique to this thread, but enough people have asked about it to merit being in here. Zionism, in a very simple definition, is just far-right nationalism for Israel. However, if you are hearing Zionism used in the same context as the Rothschilds or the Illuminati or basically any Dees cartoon, then you're just dealing with antisemitic conspiracy stuff.