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And now, without further ado, the 2019 Gaybies!

Worst Can't Let Hillary/Obama Go Cartoon

For the second year running, Ben Garrison takes this category, with 37% of the vote (a full 50%, actually, if you count the votes for his runner-up cartoon) going to his grotesque hatred of Hillary Clinton.

2019 hillary1.png


2019 hillary2.png

2019 hillary3.png

Worst Cartoon about a Tragedy (Hurricane/Flooding)

This and Wildfires only got one entry apiece, which contributed to the restructuring of the 2020 Gaybies.

2019 hurricanes1.png

Worst Cartoon about a Tragedy (Wildfires)

2019 wildfires1.png

Worst cartoon about a Tragedy (Mass shooting)

34% of the vote means congratulations to Mike Lester, who apparently imagines that if you're a "good guy" and you have a gun, the gun provides a force field, and also that Muslims attending Friday Prayer should do so with machine guns hidden under their clothing.

2019 shooting1.png


2019 shooting2.png

2019 shooting3.png

Worst Cartoon about a Tragedy (Other)

Paul Zanetti takes this category with 50% of the vote. All those teenagers protesting climate change were really just little kids who wanted the day off, amirite?

2019 tragedy1.png

Runner-up (and just barely, with 40%):

2019 tragedy2.png

Worst Obituary Cartoon

37% gives this category to JRRose! and his milquetoast tribute to Luke Perry (and ignorance, apparently, of everything else the actor ever did).

2019 obit1.png


2019 obit2.png

Worst Caricature

Despite the breadth of choices in this category, Rob Smith, Jr. managed to get 24% of the vote with that fucking Ilhan Omar drawing.

2019 caricature1.png


2019 caricature2.png

2019 caricature3.png

Worst "A Thing Happened" Cartoon

Henry Payne takes this category with 16% of the vote and a cartoon that could better be described as "Did A Thing Happen? I Wasn't Paying Attention".

2019 ath1.png


2019 ath2.png

2019 ath3.png

Worst Label

18% gives this category to Andy Marlette. Thank you, Cum Pass. We appreciate you.

2019 label3.png


2019 label1.png

2019 label2.png

Most Incomprehensible

I almost feel bad awarding this category to Jerry Holbert, but 31% of the electorate agrees with me when I say: Huh?

2019 incom1.png


2019 incom2.png

2019 incom3.png

Least Concealed Bigotry (Racism) in a Cartoon

We all know Sean Delonas is a hate golem, but his depiction of Latin Americans here is particularly despicable, and took 24%.

2019 racism1.png

Runners-up (a three-way tie!):

2019 racism2.png

2019 racism3.png

2019 racism4.png

Least Concealed Bigotry (Islamophobia) in a Cartoon

This was our first lightning-round category, and Warren Brown took 75% of that vote with, uh, definitely an opinion of Muslim men.

2019 islam1.png

Runner-up: 2019 islam2.png

Least Concealed Bigotry (LGBT) in a Cartoon

Stonetoss, the venerable "not actually no really I am tee hee a Nazi" monster, gets 24% of the vote for forgetting that adoption exists and having weird ideas about what "dropping the kids off at the pool" means.

2019 lgbt1.png


2019 lgbt2.png

2019 lgbt3.png

Least Concealed Bigotry (Misogyny) in a Cartoon

I am struggling to decide whether AF Branco, with 37%, actually means this woman to be unattractive or if that's just how he draws people. Either way, there are enough layers of misogyny here that I'd hit the character limit just listing them.

2019 misogyny1.png


2019 misogyny2.png

2019 misogyny3.png

Worst WALL Comic

55% gives another to Branco, whom I'm starting to think is not a very good artist.

2019 wall1.png


2019 wall2.png

2019 wall3.png

Worst attempt to Minimize Dem victory in the House

With only one entry in this category, it was easy to give this category to... *checks notes* Oh, Jerry. :sigh:

2019 mindem.png

Laziest Non-Gorrell Cartoon

There was a lot of competition in this category this year, and yet Gary McCoy managed to pull 42% (and Mike Ramirez, below, an additional 24%) with this "splatter tool and scribble" tribute to the thousands of doctors and nurses who have selflessly defended women's reproductive rights over the last 46 years. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

2019 laziest1.png


2019 laziest2.png

Most Easily Reinterpreted

Another lightning-round category, AF Branco managed to narrowly beat Mike Lester who in turn beats his wife, 41%-34%. In fact, I'm still not quite sure what Branco actually means here. Something something affirmative action?

2019 reint1.png


2019 reint2.png

2019 reint3.png

Most Willfully Dense

Mike Ramirez takes 13% of the vote and this category, with a cartoon where he willfully ignores the difference between house walls and border walls, and also the fact that Pelosi's house doesn't have an enclosing wall.

2019 dense1.png


2019 dense2.png

2019 dense3.png

Worst Gaslighter Cartoon

AF Branco wins his fourth category this year with 16%. The only good thing I can say about this cartoon is that his Omar caricature is marginally better than Rob Smith's.

2019 gaslight1.png


2019 gaslight2.png

Overall Worst Political Cartoon

A clash of the titans in our final lightning-round match-up! With 78% of the LR votes, Bob Gorrell and "the national debt is exactly as bad as children in cages, and also those cages are spacious and single-occupancy" beat out Bruce Tinsley and the comic that got him suspended from the comics page. Good job on being worse than Bruce Tinsley, Bob!

2019 worst1.png


2019 worst2.png

Best Edit/Parody

This year's Edit/Parody of the Year goes to SwimmingSpider, with 18%, for seamlessly adding Johnny Five Aces to Ben Garrison's poorly-thought-out poker metaphor:

2019 edit1.png

And an honorable mention to Pilchenstein, at 13%, for saying what we're all thinking:

2019 edit2.png

The Galatianman Award for Special Achievement in Ignoring Jesus

Man, Branco's really racking up the wins this year. It's almost as if he's a terrible, terrible cartoonist. Just terrible.

2019 galatianman1.png

AF Branco Knows A Cuss Lifetime Achievement Award

And because he's a terrible cartoonist, in addition to his five category wins, Branco also takes home the AF Branco Knows A Cuss Lifetime Achievement Award for his tireless pursuit of letting us all know that Adam Schiff's last name kind of sounds like "shit".

Thanks, everybody!