Stan Kelly

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The cartoonist for the Onion, Kelly is without a doubt the most beloved and cherished cartoonist in the thread. Defying the political spectrum, Kelly operates solely within the boundaries of the original political party: common sense. Once a week, you can rest a bit easier knowing that Kelly knows your pain, be it nagging wives or confusing gizmos. A winner of the Thurston Bronze Quill Award, Kelly is a veteran artist in the industry, employing a more classical style of art that employs old-fashioned materials and know-how. There have been rumors that Kelly is actually just a satire of political cartoons from known has-been and hack, Ward Sutton, but it's safe to assume these are nothing more than jealous lies spread by Sutton and his tasteless followers. So put that out of your mind, pour yourself a whiskey sour (or three), and enjoy the finest political cartoonist of a generation.