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'''Worst Rape Apologia'''
'''Worst Rape Apologia'''
'''Worst "Deep State" Cartoon'''
'''Worst Non-Ramirez Debt Cartoon'''
'''Worst Non-Ramirez Debt Cartoon'''

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For collecting nominations for the 2020 Gay Abortions throughout the year. Nominations are to be posted with the cartoonist, the date the cartoon was published (in the ISO 8601 standard of YYYY-MM-DD, of course), and obviously the cartoon itself. To not make this page extremely long with images, please post them as image links and not embedded images.

Categories can change over the year.

Worst Cartoon about a Natural Tragedy

Worst cartoon about a Man-Made Tragedy

Worst Obituary Cartoon

Worst Caricature

Worst "A Thing Happened" Cartoon

Worst Label

Most Incomprehensible

Least Concealed Racism in a Cartoon

Least Concealed Islamophobia in a Cartoon

Least Concealed Misogyny in a Cartoon

Least Concealed Bigotry (LGBT) in a Cartoon

Worst Rape Apologia

Worst "Deep State" Cartoon

Worst Non-Ramirez Debt Cartoon

Laziest Non-Gorrell Cartoon

Most Easily Reinterpreted

Most Willfully Dense

Worst Gaslighter Cartoon

Worst Cartoon about a Primary Election

Worst Cartoon about the General Election

Overall Worst Political Cartoon

Best Edit/Parody