Clay Bennett

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A celebrated cartoonist, both here and in his career, Bennett is a veteran of the craft and it shows. His artstyle is simple, and he uses it to great effect to draft up excellent visual metaphors that get the point across. Recently, however, Bennett has been in something of a slump. Instead of coming up with funny cartoons that make you go "Damn!", he has opted for lower-hanging fruit, tending to sit back and call Republicans crazy and stupid. Basically, his opinions are correct, but they don't really discuss the issues, and they are just different ways of saying "conservatism bad." Which is fine once in a while, but it'd be nice to see something with a bit more substance and relevance to current news as opposed to cartoons you can put out literally any time of the year. Nonetheless, Bennett is a considerable cut above the rest, and every so often you do see that spark that made him a thread favorite.